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Our Story

For as long as I can remember, my passion has been fishing. My earliest memories are wade-fishing the surf with my dad trying to get hooked up on anything that would bite. For the remainder of my childhood, we stayed very close to the coast to feed our fishing addiction. I went to Texas A&M University, Galveston in pursuit of a Maritime Business degree.
I began deckhanding at every opportunity between classes and became known of as the “Smelly Fishy Guy” in class. By the end of my Junior year 2015, I secretly received by USCG Mariners Merchant license and purchased my first boat. I remember picking the boat up and not having enough money in my bank account for a drive-thru burger. I actually ran my first trip that day for $25.00. Using what I was learning in class, I began marketing myself via social media targeting anyone and everyone I could, that wanted to fish. With this growing passion, in my senior year,  I really pushed myself to finish early; I took 21 and 18 credit hours while guiding every at chance. By now, my parents had learned about the boat and gently reminded me of the purpose of 'higher education' and I was able to graduate remaining in the Honors Program through receiving my diploma. Proud parents, yes but  they once again reminded me of the importance of getting a "real job" and gave me the summer to enjoy guiding. I already had a good following through the 'LIVE' social media outlets and went from the 'smelly fishy guy' to the 'Monsta guy' It had become my catch-phrase, yelling “It's a MONSTA baby” when we hooked up to a big fish. So what else could a fella do,
I made some shirts of course. That would be my 'real job'... selling apparel! Moms eyes rolled as she calmly stated, "Son, that's still money going out with little coming in". Even so, I had proven successful in the summer and one of my greatest memories in life ,was my parents telling me that I could continue fishing for a living. I poured every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into the operations of Out Cast Charters. Oh how grateful I am to have parents that left me with no debt after college, what a gift. They have encouraged and still inspire me today.
 My company, Out Cast Charters, amazingly was nominated as Galveston’s #1 Fishing Charter Company along with one for the Best Boat Captain. Through public voting, I received that honor in 2016 and have held those titles since, 5 years now. My Mom is my # 1 employee now managing bookings and administrative duties. Our current fleet consist of six boats, four full-time guides and deckhands working hard. to maintain a higher standard in this service industry.
We did end up Trademarking “MonstaFishin”, "MonstaHuntin" and "ItsaMonsta" creating a seperate company for the apparel side have created a Monsta Prostaff Team in Texas and beyond. What started with just a few of us, has now grown to a team of over 80 individuals promoting outdoor family fishing/hunting fun around the world for Monsta Apparel Company. 
THANK YOU, for without each of you, my crazy passion to enjoy all things outdoors, enjoying God’s wonderful creation, would not be possible. I credit YOU, thanking you for the continued love and support over the years. It is my honor to have you along this life journey. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and welcome to the #ItsaMonsta and #OutCastCharters Family.

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